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Revised September 22nd, 2012

Tools For
Bus & Vanagon 

Specialty Tools For Front Suspension and Steering

210-41571TRL Center Pin Install Tool, 1950 to 1979,  Rental   $55.00 PLUS $75.00 Deposit

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210-41572TR Center Pin Reamer Tool, 1950 to 1967,  Rental   $35.00 PLUS $125.00 Deposit

210-40004TR  Albatross Adjuster Installation Tool (To Break The Center Block Loose) March 1955 to 1979,  Rental $40.00 PLUS $110.00 Deposit.

Tools For Rear Axle

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ZVT-50136  "Slammer Tool" For Removing 36mm Axle Nut  $9.00

ZVT-50146  "Slammer Tool" For Removing 46mm Axle Nut  $7.90

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ZVT-50129  CV Bolt Tool, 12 Point, 3/8 Drive   $5.60

ZVT-50128  CV Bolt Tool, 6 Point, 3/8 Drive   $5.60

Engine Tools

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ZVT-10501  Flywheel Lock For 6 Volt And 12 Volt   $5.45

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ZVT-10101  Tap For Spark Plug Insert  $50.00

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ZVT-12902  Synchronizer For Dual Carbs, Floating Ball Style  $21.70 

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ZVT-14101  Clutch Alignment Tool, 1950 to 1979 All And 1981 to 1984 Diesel Vanagon  $1.98

ZVT-14102  Clutch Alignment Tool, 1980 to 1991 Gas Vanagon  $1.98

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ZVT-90601  Fuel Injection Harness Pin Tool   $2.95  

Interior Tools

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ZAP-88914  Hog Ring Tool With 100 Hog Rings (For Installing Seat Upholstery)  $17.00

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