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Revised September 9th, 2011

Engine Parts, Gaskets & Seals
Vanagon Diesel Engine - 1600cc

Cylinder Head Parts

Engine Gasket Sets

Crankshaft Seals

Crankshaft Main Bearings

Connecting Rod Bearings


Piston Ring Sets

Camshaft - Intermediate Shaft Parts, Bearings

Part No. Description/Application

Part Numbers in Italics - Call For Availability

Cylinder Head Parts

068-103-383FL Head Gasket, 1.4mm 1 Groove  $30.00

068-103-383FM Head Gasket, 1.5mm 2 Groove  $30.00

068-103-383FN Head Gasket, 1.6mm 3 Groove  $30.00

026-198-025A Valve Cover Gasket Set (With Sealing Strip & Half-Moon Plug)  $5.45

056-103-489A Valve Cover Sealing Strip  $.60

049-103-491 Valve Cover Half-Moon Plug  $.80

035-109-675T Valve Stem Seal  $.65

Engine Gasket Sets

068-198-012L Head Gasket Set (Does Not Come With Head Gasket)  $39.80

068-198-001 Complete Engine Gasket Set (Does Not Come With Head Gasket)  $83.65

Note: Gasket Sets Do Not Come With Head Gasket - You Must Purchase This Separately

Crankshaft Seals

026-103-051A Flywheel Seal  $9.60

068-103-085A Pulley Seal  $3.00

Crankshaft Main Bearings

056-198-451A Standard  $45.45

056-198-453A .010"  $19.20

056-198-455A .020"  $48.50

Connecting Rod Bearings

068-198-501 Rod Bearing Set, Standard  $23.00

068-198-503 Rod Bearing Set, .010"  $19.15

068-198-505 Rod Bearing Set, .020"  $24.20

113-105-427 Peening Nut, Connecting Rod  $2.05


All Pistons Are Sold Each With Rings

068-107-065BA Standard  $101.00

068-107-071E .010"  NLA

068-107-081BB .020"  $115.35

068-107-091BB .040"  $116.35

Piston Ring Sets

All Piston Ring Sets Are Sold Per Piston Unless Otherwise Noted.

068-198-151C Standard  $25.25 each piston

068-198-153C .010"  NLA

068-198-155C .020"  $19.60 each piston

068-198-157C .040"  $21.70 set of 4

Camshaft - Intermediate Shaft Parts, Bearings

Because Of The Numerous Camshaft Listings, Please Call For Latest Availability and Price. Be Sure To Know The Cam Gear Size When Inquiring.

068-103-085A Camshaft Seal  $3.00

068-103-085A Intermediate Shaft Seal  $3.00

056-109-311A Cam Follower (Lifter)  $17.75

049-115-541 Outer Front Bearing, Intermediate Shaft  $3.65

049-115-542 Inner Rear Bearing, Intermediate Shaft  $3.25

068-109-119E Timing Belt  $15.65

NOTICE:  NLA means No Longer Available.

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