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Revised  September 22nd, 2012

Oil System
Vanagon Water Cooled 1983 through 1991

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A.  070-115-311  Oil Filler Cap with Gasket  $6.45

B.  025-115-301AU  Oil Filler Pipe, Used  CALL

C.  070-115-315  Gasket, Oil Filler Pipe to Case  $2.80

D.  N 12228.2  Spring Lock Washer, 8mm (2 Required)  $0.35

E.  N 11118.11  8mm Nut, Special 1/2 Height (2 Required)  $0.67

F.  025-115-611  Oil Dipstick  $15.63

G.  N 29701.2  Oil Drain Plug  $2.57

H.  N 13814.9  Sealing Ring, Oil Drain Plug, 14X18mm  $0.40

I.  111-115-107BK  Oil Pump with Gears  $56.60

J.  311-115-141C  Oil Pump Cover  $8.00

K.  025-115-111A  Gasket, Oil Pump to Case  $1.25

-   111-115-131B  Gasket, Cover to Oil Pump  $0.35

M.  N 14393.5  Stud, Oil Pump, 8mm (4 Required)  $.60

N.  111-115-161  Sealing Nut, Cover, 8mm (4 Required)  $1.55

O.  021-115-411A  Oil Pressure Relief Valve  $12.83

P.  021-115-421B  Spring, Relief Valve  $3.07

Q.  025-115-431  Plug, Oil Relief Valve, 22X1.5mm  $4.18

R.  N 13829.3  Seal Washer, 22X29mm  $1.15

S.  N 901061.01  O-Ring, Oil Breather to Case  $3.90

T.  N 900725.08  Oil Breather Hose  $6.30

U.  056-919-081C  Oil Pressure Switch, On Case Under Left Cylinder Bank, 1983 to 1991 (4.4psi / 0.3 Bar)  $5.35

V.  068-919-081A  Oil Pressure Switch, On Case Near Oil Pump, 1986 to 1991, Grey (13.1psi / 0.9 Bar)  $6.10

V.  056-919-081E   Oil Pressure Switch, On Case Near Oil Pump, 1986 to 1991, White (1.8 Bar)  $6.10 each

NOTE: Factory listings are unclear as to when or what model had the grey or white switch installed.  Always check for switch color before ordering and replace with the same switch as originally equipped.

W.  025-919-086  Adaptor Bushing, Oil Switch, 1986 to 1991  $6.75

X.  N 13844.4  Seal Washer, Adaptor Bushing, 16X20mm  $0.38

Y.  N 13844.4  Seal Washer, Oil Pressure Switch Near Pump, 10X14mm  $0.38

Y.  N 13811.5  Seal Washer, Oil Pressure Switch Under Cylinders, 10X14mm  $0.36  

Z.  070-115-561  Oil Filter  $6.25

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