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Revised September 30, 2005


By popular demand we have now added instructions for our specialty kits to the web site.  This should clear up the confusion and answer many of the questions we get over the telephone every day.  It also comes in handy for those who have lost the instructions to their kits.

Albatross Adjusters:  For lowering and adjusting the front of a 1955 to 1979 Bus.

Boomerang Adapters:  For lowering the rear of  a 1968 to 1979 Bus.

IRS I Kit: For converting the rear of a 1955 to 1967 Bus to IRS and lowering the rear height.  

IRS II Kit:  For converting the rear of a 1955 to 1967 Bus to IRS and remaining at stock rear height. 

Swing Axle Kit:  For converting the rear of a 1955 to 1967 Bus to a Bug style swing axle suspension and to lower the rear.

Rebuilt Spindles:  For installing Bus Boys Rebuilt Spindles on your 1955 to 1967 Bus.  More detailed instructions than you will find in your Bentley Service Manual. 



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