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Revised January 27, 2006


Want to be a part of the Internet Type 2 action? Check out these:

Join the Type 2 Mailing List. Devoted to owners of 1950 through 1979 Buses and 1980 through 1983 Air Cooled Vanagons, this is a very active list of people engaged in the discussion of all kinds of stuff regarding the VW Type 2. Be prepared to download a sizeable amount of E-Mail from this list everyday, especially on Fridays when practically anything goes. Want more info on the Type 2 List?

Go to: www.type2.com

Join the Vanagon Mailing List. Devoted to owners of 1981 through 1991 Water Cooled Vanagons and 92-96 Eurovan Owners as well. Also very active like the Type 2 List.  Information on subscribing to this list can be found at: http://gerry.vanagon.com/info/subscribe.html

The Vanagon Mailing List also has a searchable archive that can be accessed at: http://gerry.vanagon.com/archives/vanagon.html

Are You Interested In Joining A Club or Group? Check Out These:

If you are interested in joining a club dedicated to the preservation, restoration and the enjoyment of 1968 and newer Buses/ Pickups/Vanagons and Eurovans and receiving their bi-monthly newsletter, check out LiMBO at: http://www.limbobus.org or E-Mail them direct at: phil@limbobus.org

If you are interested in joining a club dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of 1967 and older Buses/Pickups and receiving their b-monthly newsletter, check out NEATO at: http://www.neato.addr.com/ or E-Mail them direct at: neato@rt66.com

Other Great Links To Go To:

Ron "Coyote" Lussier's Vanagon Website at: http://www.vanagon.com

More sites to link up to will be added soon!

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