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Revised January 25, 2010

Emission Control Parts 

Carbureted Bus & Pickup through 1974

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Part Numbers in Italics - Call For Availability

A.  113-131-307KU  Throttle Positioner, Used, Bus 1968 to 1969  CALL

A.  113-131-307K  Throttle Positioner, New, Bus 1968 to 1970  $89.95

B.  113-131-309AKU  Positioner w/Diaph., Used, Bus 1970  CALL

B.  113-131-307BKU  Positioner w/Diaph., Used, Bus 1971  CALL

C.  113-131-395U  Positoner Solenoid, Used, Bus 1970 to 1971  CALL

-  N 13776.1  Gasket, Positioner To Manifold 1968 to 1970  $.25

-  113-129-707A  Gasket, Positioner To Manifold 1971  $.70

D.  N 20375.12  Vacuum Hose, 4.5mm Green  $3.10

E.  N 20353.12  Vacuum Hose, 3.5mm Black  $1.73

Note: Above Hoses Are Sold Per Foot, As Needed

F.  021-131-501U  EGR Valve On Manifold, Used 1973  CALL

021-131-501AU  EGR Valve On Pipe, Used Calif. 1974  $80.00

021-131-501BU  EGR Valve On Pipe, Used Fed. 1974  CALL

G.  058-906-083U  Emission 2 Way Valve, Used 1973  CALL

-  211-906-083U  Emission 2 Way Valve, Used 1974  CALL

H.  113-906-251BU  Thermo Switch-2 Way Valve, Used Manual Trans 1973  CALL

H.  113-906-251AU  Thermo Switch-2 Way Valve, Used Auto Trans 1973  CALL

I.  021-131-551EU  Mixture Distribution Assembly, Used 1973 to 1974  CALL

J.  021-131-604U  Pressure Relief Valve, 1973 to 1974  CALL

K.  021-131-603U  Anti-Backfire Valve, Used 1973 to 1974  CALL

L.  021-131-601U  Smog (Air) Pump, Used 1973 to 1974  $100.00

M.  113-131-123  Paper Element, Smog Pump Filter  $7.00

N.  021-131-615A  Belt, Smog Pump 10x710  $4.95

O.  021-131-617A  EGR Filter, New 1973  NLA

O.  021-131-617D  EGR Filter, New 1974  $202.00

P.  021-131-591AU  EGR Tube-Filter To Manifolds, Used 1973 Only  CALL

Q.  021-131-599  Gasket, EGR Tubes 1973 (5 Required)  $2.70

-  021-131-592U  EGR Tube-Filter To EGR Valve, Used 1974 Only  CALL

-  071-131-599B  Gasket-EGR Tube At Filter Valve Side 1974 Only  CALL

021-131-591BU  EGR Tube-EGR Valve To Manifolds, Used 1974 Only  CALL

R.  N 20353.30  Hose, 3.5mm, Left EGR Valve 1973  $2.35

S.  N 20353.24  Hose, 3.5mm, Right EGR Valve 1973  $1.90

T.  N 20353.18  Hose, 3.5mm, 2 Way Valve To "T" 1973  $1.42

U.  N 20353.45  Hose, 3.5mm, "T" To Left Manifold All  $3.57

V.  N 20363.12  Hose, 15mm, Smog Pump To Anti-Backfire Valve All  $.95

W.  021-131-681U  Smog Pump Pulley Assembly, Used All  $125.00

X.  021-131-581U  Air Injection Tube Assembly, Used 1973  CALL

X.  021-131-581AU  Air Injection Tube Assembly, Used 1974  $45.00

NOTE: NLA means No Longer Available.


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