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Revised November 10, 2007

Charging System
Vanagon Water Cooled 1983 through 1991 

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Charging System Parts

Determining What Alternator You Have

Charging System Parts

A.  AL27X  Bosch Rebuilt Alternator, 90 Amp with B19 Connector, 1983 to 1985 and 1989 to 1991  $177.00 / $50.00 core

A.  AL30X  Bosch Rebuilt Alternator, 90 Amp with B22 Connector, 1985  $211.69 / $80.00 core

A.  AL33X  Bosch Rebuilt Alternator, 90 Amp with B19+W Connector, 1986 to 1988  $173.35 / $80.00 core

NOTE:  All rebuilt alternators are supplied WITHOUT the pulley / fan assemblies. You must remove them before shipping your core to us.

B.  068-903-119D  Pulley  $22.00

C.  N 12233.2  Pulley Spring Washer  $0.40

D.  N11163.3  Pulley Nut  $0.88

E.  025-903-137G  Belt, 10X1100  $9.20

F.  N 10375.3  Alternator Pivot Bolt, 8X75, Grade 10.9  $2.00 

G.  N 12226.2  Spring Washer, 8mm  $0.10

H.  N 11008.2  Nut, 8mm  $0.10

I.  059-903-285  Bolt, Adjuster Bracket to Alternator, 8X25 with Special Head, 1983 to 1990 (To Chassis #25-L-045001)  $1.81

I.  026-903-555A  Bolt, Adjuster Bracket to Alternator, 8X25 with Special Head, 1990 to 1991 (From Chassis #25-L-045001)  $4.60

J.  N 11655.2  Flat Washer, 11x21  $0.52

K.  025-903-253D  Adjustment Bracket, 1983 to 1990 (To Chassis #25-L-045000)  CALL

K.  025-903-251  Adjustment Bracket, 1990 to 1991 (From Chassis #25-L-045001)  $13.00

L.  025-115-632  Bracket for Dipstick Tube, 1986 to 1991  $13.00   

-  068-903-803B  Internal Voltage Regulator, Round Button Housing with Brushes, 1983 to 1991  $53.85

Determining What Alternator You Have

Three different alternators were used on Vanagons during the water cooled years. In some cases, more than one was available during the same model year.  In order to determine what your vehicle is equipped with, check to see which connector the alternator has before ordering. Below are diagrams of the three styles. NOTE: Remove battery ground strap before checking. 


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