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Revised February 21, 2012

Charging System
Bus and Pickup through 1971 

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Charging System Parts

12 Volt Alternator Conversion

Charging System Parts

A.  GR11X  Rebuilt Generator, 6 Volt, 90mm Diameter, With Voltage Regulator, Through 1966  $139.69 / $20.00 Core

A.  GR14X  Rebuilt Generator, 6 Volt, 105mm Diameter, Without Voltage Regulator, 1966 Only  $154.00 / $20.00 Core

A.  GR15N   New Generator, 12 Volt, 30 Amp, 1967 to 1968  $160.00

A.  GR15X  Rebuilt Generator, 12 Volt, 30 Amp, 1967 to 1968  NLA

A.  GR17X  Rebuilt Generator, 12 Volt, 38 Amp, 1969 to 1971  $200.00 / $35.00 Core

B.  113-903-801E  Voltage Regulator, 6 Volt for GR11X Through 1966  $49.60

B.  311-903-801  Voltage Regulator, 6 Volt for GR14X, 1966  CALL

B.  113-903-803E  Voltage Regulator, 12 Volt, 30 Amp for GR15N, 1967 to 1968  $36.35

B.  211-903-803E  Voltage Regulator, 12 Volt, 38 Amp for GR17X, 1969 to 1971  NLA

C.  042-903-109A  Generator Pulley, 6 Volt for 90mm Diameter Generator Through 1966  $10.00

C.  043-903-109  Generator Pulley for 105mm Generators EXCEPT GR17X  $13.70

C.  211-903-109  Generator Pulley for 38 Amp Generator (GR17X), 1969 to 1971  NLA

D.  111-905-137B  Generator Belt (10X900), 1956 to 1959  $5.50

D.  111-903-137D  Generator Belt (9.5X905), 1960 to 1971  $4.45

E.  211-998-183  Shim Kit, Includes Shims, Nut, Woodruff Key And Bell Washer  NLA

NOTE:  10 to 12 shims must be used on the pulley. Any shims not used between the pulley halves for belt adjustment MUST be installed outside of the rear (rear of car) half of the pulley under the spacer for the pulley nut (item F). Using fewer shims will result in pulley breakage and generator damage.

F.  111-903-515A  Generator Brushes, 6 Volt for GR11X Generator (90mm Diameter)  $2.50 pair

F.  111-903-515E  Generator Brushes, 6 or 12 Volt for GR14X, GR15N and GR17X Generator (105mm Diameter)  $3.05 pair  

G.  111-903-519A  Generator Brush Spring, 6 Volt for 111-903-515A Brushes  NLA

G.  131-903-519  Generator Brush Spring, 6 or 12 Volt for 111-903-515E Brushes  NLA

H.  N 10701.1  Screw, 4X5mm  $0.15

I.  N 12004.1  Split Lock Washer, 4mm  $0.10

L.  113-903-141AU  Generator Strap for 90mm Generator, Used  CALL

J.  113-903-141B  Generator Strap for 105mm Generator, New  $2.00  

K.  N 10242.5  Bolt, 8X25mm  $0.25

L.  N 11008.2  Nut, 8mm  $0.10

M.  N 12705.1  Woodruff Key, Pulley or Fan  $0.25

N.  111-903-221A  Bearing, Generator Shaft, Front or Rear  $10.00

O.  113-971-901A  Rubber Cap, Generator Wiring Post, D+ or DF, 1966 to 1971 (2 Required)  $2.50

-  111-903-531  Brush Cover for 105mm Generator, Black Plastic  $5.55

-  N 10703.2  Screw, 4X8mm, For Ground Wire on Generator Case  $0.50

12 Volt Alternator Conversion

Now you can easily convert your Bus or Pickup from the old fashioned generator based charging system to a more modern alternator based charging system. This system puts out 55 amps of power instead of 30 or 38 amps like your old generator. Perfect if you are adding a stereo or other accessories.   

Kit includes new Bosch internally regulated alternator, new alternator stand, strap, backing plates, pulley, belt and detailed instructions.  NOTE:  Will not fit 25hp or 36hp engines with cast in generator stand. 

This kit can also be used as part of a 12 volt conversion for 1960 to 1966 Buses.  Earlier models require a 40hp or larger engine.

ZAP-90301  Alternator Kit With Pulley and Belt  $190.00

043-903-109  Alternator Pulley  $10.70

AL82N  Alternator Only $230.00


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