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Revised September 22nd, 2012

Fuel System - Manifold
Air Cleaner - Carbureted Through 1971


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A. 211-198-893 Throttle Cable Tube w/Tube, Spring Collar & Split Washer Bus/Pickup 50-Early 66  $15.00

B. 043-129-893 Throttle Cable Tube Late 66-71  $4.15

C. 111-129-921 Barrel Clamp For Accelerator. Cable (Screw Style) Bus/Pickup 50-71  $.75

C. 311-129-777 Barrel Clamp For Accelerator. Cable (Bolt Style) Bus/Pickup 50-74  $1.20

D. 113-129-881A Return Spring, Carburetor Bus/Pickup Late 66-71  $1.25

E. 113-129-701BU Manifold, Center Section, Used Dual Port Bus/Pickup 1971  $50.00

F. ZAP-13502 Manifold End Kit w/Boots & Clamps Dual Port Models (All New Parts)  $78.00

G. 113-129-729B Boot, Manifold End, OEM Black, Dual Port Models  $2.15 each

G. 113-129-729BS Boot, Manifold End, Silicone, Dual Port Models  $1.60  each

H. 111-501-159B Clamp, Large End, Dual Port Boot  $1.20

I. N 24507.4 Clamp, Small End, Dual Port Boot  $.85

- 311-129-707 Gasket Ring, Intake Manifold To Head Single Port Head 15/1600 Bus 64-70  $1.00

K. 113-129-717A Gasket, Intake Manifold End To Head Dual Port Head 1600 Bus 1971 (Metal)  $25

K. ZAP-13702 Gasket, Intake Manifold End To Head Dual Port Head 1600 Bus 1971 (Thick Heavy Duty Asbestos) (Pair)  $1.80

L. 141-129-613U Air Cleaner Assembly, Used Bus/Pickup 64-67  $45.00

M. 211-129-627 Intake Hose, Air Cleaner, Bus/Pickup 64-67  $16.70

N. 211-129-615CU Elbow, Hose To Carburetor, Used Bus/Pickup 64-67  $7.50

O. 211-129-655CU Elbow, Air Cleaner To Hose, Used Bus/Pickup 64-67  $7.50

P. 211-255-359 Carburetor Pre-Heat Hose, Bus/Pickup 64-67  $1.89

Q. 211-129-607CY Air Cleaner Assembly, Reconditioned Bus/Pickup 68-71  $139.95

R. 211-129-615E Intake Hose & Elbow, Air Cleaner Bus/Pickup 68-71  $27.15

- 113-255-291DE Carburetor Pre-Heat Hose, Bus/Pickup 68-71  $4.05

S. 113-129-511DU Pre-Heat Stove Pipe, Used Bus 68-71  CALL

T. N 20374.06 Breather Hose-Air Cleaner To Oil Breather Bus/Pickup 64-71  $1.80

T. N 20374.36 Breather Hose-Air Cleaner To Charcoal Canister  $12.60

U. 113-129-027H BR  Carburetor, 30/31 PICT, New, with 12 Volt Choke  $200.00

U. 113-129-031K  Carburetor, 34 PICT-3, New, Non-California, 12 Volt Choke  $200.00

U. 113-129-031KCAL  Carburetor, 34 PICT-3, New, with Throttle Positioner and 12 Volt Choke  NLA

-  113-129-034  Carburetor Adapter Kit. Installs 30mm Carburetor on 34mm Manifold  $24.05

-  111-127-025B BR  Fuel Pump, 25hp and 36hp  $50.00

-  113-127-025D  Fuel Pump,  40hp through 1600cc with Generator (Must Use 108mm Pushrod) $30.75

-  113-127-025G  Fuel Pump, 40hp through 1600cc with Alternator Conversion (Must Use 100.25mm Pushrod) $39.30

-  113-127-307  Fuel Pump Pushrod for Generator Style Fuel Pump 1300cc through 1600cc, 108mm  $2.50

-  113-127-307A   Fuel Pump Pushrod for Alternator Style Fuel Pump 1300cc through 1600cc, 100.25mm  $1.95

- N 20355.12   Hose 5 mm fuel  $2.40 per foot


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