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Revised February 21, 2012

Repair Manuals and More 

Robert Bentley Repair Manuals

Take the guess work out of automotive repairs. Having the proper repair manual for your Volkswagen is the only way to go. We carry a complete line of Robert Bentley Repair manuals for your Bus, Vanagon, Eurovan as well as many other Volkswagen models.  These are the official manuals approved by Volkswagen of America.

Bentley 1950-1962

Now available for the first time as a single volume is the Volkswagen Transporter Workshop Manual: 1950-1962 for models sold in the USA and Canada. This manual is a reproduction of the original Volkswagen official service and repair information. This historical archive edition covers procedures for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and rebuilding.

ZAB-V262  $109.00  aninew.gif (2455 bytes)


ZAB-V267  $110.00 ZAB-V279  $51.00 ZAB-VV91  $113.00


ZAB-VV99  $169.00 ZAB-V121  $56.00 ZAB-V179  $34.95


The best book available for learning how to understand the many complicated Bosch fuel injection systems. Features information about:
  • LH-Motronic
  • Motronic
  • LH-Jetronic
  • L-Jetronic
  • D-Jetronic
  • KE-Motronic
  • KE-Jetronic
  • K-Jetronic

ZAB-GF1B  $35.05

Haynes Repair Manuals

Bus 1968 to 1979  ZAB-226  $28.00

Vanagon 1980 to 1983  ZAB-1029  $25.70

Beetle and Karmann Ghia  ZAB-159  $16.25


Haynes Do-It-Yourself Restoration Guide for Bug and Bus.  Excellent information on restoration and rust repair for all years.

ZAB-F474  NLA 

Haynes Automotive Emissions Control Manual. Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair for import and domestic models.

ZAB-1667  $14.50

Also available:

Other Volkswagen Books

How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. Also known as the "idiot book".  This is an easy to use manual  written in plain English. All air-cooled models.

ZAB-M1  $25.00

VW Bus Custom Handbook. An excellent source of information for customizing a Bus. Includes body,  paint and interior tricks.

ZAB-119942  $33.25


VW Bus:  The First 50 Years (1949 to 1999). This is the best book around on the history of the Bus, Vanagon and Eurovan.  Also includes rare photos and information on Mexican and Brazilian made models.  

ZAB-128280  NLA


Volkswagen Bus Colour Family Album. A celebration of the Volkswagen Bus, Camper and Pickup in stunning color photographs.

ZAB-124451  NLA


VW Transporter / Bus (Schiffer Automotive Series). An interesting history of the VW Bus and Pickup through 1967. Many pictures of accessories and specialty models. Includes many early "streamlined" advertisements .

ZAB-S1961  NLA


Weber Carburetors by HP Books.  Excellent source of information for most Weber Carburetors.


 ZAB-HP774  $14.95

Weber Tech Manual. The best manual when using any Weber carburetors in a Volkswagen application. Excellent information on selecting the right ones, jetting, etc. 

ZAB-CBWEB  $13.00

Also available:


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