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Revised November 16th, 2010

Body Panels and Frame Parts 

Bus to 1967

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A. 401-50-21L Front Wheel Dogleg, 1963 to 1967,  Left   (Will fit 1962 and older, but wheel opening size is slightly different)   $120.00

A. 401-50-21R Front Wheel Dogleg, 1963 to 1967,  Right  (Will fit 1962 and older, but wheel opening size is slightly different)  $120.00

B. 401-50-31 Side Cargo Door Skin, Front (Bottom 9")  $40.00

B.  401-50-32  Side Cargo Door Skin, Rear (Bottom 9")  $40.00

C. 401-50-40 Outer Side Rocker Right Bus, Below Side Cargo Doors  (See Note)

D. 401-50-41 Inner Side Rocker Right Bus, Below Side Cargo Doors $29.00

NOTE: The outer and inner right side rockers are now available as a unit. Both pieces come welded together. New part number: 211-809-581A  $48.00

E. 401-50-50 Outer Side Rocker Left  $29.95

F. 401-50-51L Rear Wheel Well/Arch Left   $52.00

F. 401-50-51R Rear Wheel Well/Arch Right  $52.00

F. 401-50-51 Rear Wheel Well/Arch Bus/Pu To 62 Left And Right $210.00

SPECIAL NOTE: Rear Wheel Well Arches are a direct replacement for 1967 models that have a flare.

G. 401-50-52 Outer Side Rocker Front of Right Rear Wheel Well  $20.00

H. 401-50-53L Rear Corner Left, 8.5 Inches Tall  - Bus Only   $40.00

H. 401-50-53R Rear Corner Right, 8.5 Inches Tall - Bus Only  $40.00

I.  401-50-68L  Cargo Floor Half, Left Side  $180.00

I  401-50-68R  Cargo Floor Half, Right Side  $180.00

J. 401-50-69R Cargo Floor Outer Right Section  $78.00

NOTE: This section measures 60"L x 10"W

K. 401-50-70 Cargo Floor Section Universal Replacement-Cut to Fit  $39.90

NOTE: This section measures 59"L x 15"W

L. 401-50-72A Front Crossmember  $29.00

M. 401-50-73A Rear Crossmember  $29.00

N. 401-50-77 Front Outrigger  $19.50

O. 401-50-78 Center Outrigger At Rear Jackpoint / Crossmember  $19.50

P. 401-50-81L Front Jackpoint Left  $29.75

P. 401-50-81R Front Jackpoint Right  $29.75

Q. 401-50-82 Rear Jackpoint  $22.50

R. 401-50-91L Battery Tray Left - Bus Only  $26.00

R. 401-50-91R Battery Tray Right - Bus Only  $26.00

R. 401-50-91TL Battery Tray Left - Truck Only  $32.00

R. 401-50-91TR Battery Tray Right - Truck Only  $30.00

S. 401-50-980L Front Floor Section Outer Left  $65.00

S. 401-50-980R Front Floor Section Outer Right  $65.00

NOTE: NLA means No Longer Available.

All items above fit bus and pickups unless otherwise noted

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