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Revised September 22nd, 2012

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Sealing Compounds and Products

Engine Sealing Products

The importance of using the proper sealing compounds when assembling your engine requires using the original compounds where ever possible. To this end, we carry Elring-Curil Products for the air and water cooled Engines.

Curil T is a Non-Hardening, Temperature Resistant Sealing Compound and forms an excellent seal where abnormally high internal pressures exist even at extreme temperatures. It is particularly suitable for sealing against mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases, diesel and motor fuels, alcoholic solvents, gases, air, water and seawater. For applications, Curil T has a synthetic base which is ideally suited for sealing combustion engines, turbo blower exhausts, turbines, generators, gearboxes, pumps and other power units as well as threaded connections of all kinds. This is especially appropriate for sealing the square Wasserboxer Cylinder Head Seal to the Crankcase. Temperature Range of Curil T is approximately -40c to approximately +250c.

ZVC-10002 Curil T 75ml (2.5 ounce) Tube $19.50

Curil K2 is a Non-Hardening Sealing Compound which can be applied with an excellent sealing effect on assemblies which require minimum torque loss and where high surface adhesion is required. Components with groove surfaces can be sealed efficiently and will remain functional under conditions of mechanical, chemical and thermal stress. The components can be easily dismantled. Curil K2 can be applied with a brush . It insures great effectiveness in the sealing of internal combustion engines, gearboxes, pumps and other power units and particularly at disconnecting points such as cylinder head base gaskets, gearhousing gaskets and threaded connections of all kinds. This is especially appropriate for engine crankcase halves, cylinder base, alternator/generator tower and fuel pump mounting base. Also for the Cylinder Head Nuts on the Wasserboxer where they have to be sealed when torqued on. Temperature Range of Curil K2 is approximately -40c to approximately +200c.

ZVC-10001 Curil K2 125ml Bottle  $33.00

Dirko, a paste-like, cold vulcanizing, elastic sealing and filling compound, gives excellent adhesion to metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Even if fissures, cracks and joint movements are present, Dirko guarantees a secure seal. It has a variety of uses as a gasket, as an addition to a gasket or as a sealant from the outside. Dirko stops oil, water and air leaks. Even parts with hairline cracks are made good again in a few minutes. Ideal for cylinder head joints, gearbox joints, sumps, bearing casings, instrument casings, water pumps and axle tubes. Temperature Range of Dirko is from approximately -50c to approximately +180c

ZVC-10003 Dirko 100g (3.5 ounce) Tube $14.45

Gasgacinch. The professional engine sealer with multiple uses. Use it to seal the case half together. It's great because Gasgacinch stays flexible, and never becomes brittle. It grows with the engine case as it heats up. Use it to hold gaskets in place during assembly. Gasgacinch withstands heat and hot oils. 

ZVC-10005  Gasgacinch Gasket Sealer, 4 Ounce Can  $6.20 

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