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Revised May 4th, 2012

Sway Bar Systems

Bus & Vanagon

Bus Boys offers a wide selection of Aftermarket Sway Bars for your Bus, Pickup and Vanagon. We stock EMPI brand sway bars to ensure the highest quality of selection. In addition, we also carry the EMPI Camber Compensator which is specially designed for the rear swing-axle system of the 50-67 Bus.  Important! Please read all of the notes following the application section to become aware of what your sway bar selection comes with and what you may have to provide!

Contrary to popular belief (or myth), Sway Bars DO NOT cure crosswind buffeting! Try to remember that you're driving a vehicle shaped like a Bread Box, or even better, a BRICK. The Type 2 is not the most aerodynamically shaped vehicle in the world and should not be expected to just "slip" through the air like a knife through butter. You would be surprised at how many customers that do call and talk to us every day expecting just that. Heavier Duty Sway Bars, coupled with upgraded shocks (like KYB Gas Models,) do improve the handling, particularly with regards to anti-rolling sway on those curvy roads and help in light windy conditions, but will not totally cure the buffeting from crosswinds.

Addco Sway Bar Systems

250-45001A  Vanagon Front, 1" Diameter 1980 to 1991 2WD only.

NOTE:  Front sway bar does NOT include the stabilizer links.  You must use your original links and link bushings.

250-55001A  Vanagon Rear, 7/8" Diameter 1980 to 1986 2WD only.
250-55001AB  Vanagon Rear, 7/8" Diameter 1987 to 1991  2WD only

EMPI Sway Bar Systems

220-45001E  Bus/Pickup Front Sway Bar, 7/8" Diameter 1968 to 1979  $120.90
220-55001  Bus/Pickup Rear Sway Bar, 7/8" Diameter 1968 to 1979  $131.9

220-45000E  Bus/Pickup Front AND Rear Sway Bars, 7/8" Diameter 1968 to 1979  $202.50

210-45001BP  Bus/Pickup Front Sway Bar, 7/8" Diameter 1964 to 1967 NLA

110-55001  EMPI Rear Camber Compensator Bus/Pickup 1950 to 1967 109.90


Front Sway Bar Notes:

1. Models through '67 - Comes with Sway Bar Urethane Bushings.
2. Models 68-79 - Comes with Sway Bar Urethane Bushings. Installation instructions are included with all sway bar systems.
3. Models 80-91 - Comes with Sway Bar, Rubber Bushings and some minor hardware. Urethane Bushings ARE NOT recommended by Addco for Vanagon front applications. Original Clamps and hardware from your old sway bar must be used to complete the installation. Installation instructions are included with all sway bar systems.

Rear Sway Bar Notes:

All Rear Sway Bars and Camber Stop/Camber Compensator Systems come complete with Sway Bar, Urethane Bushings, Links and appropriate Mounting Hardware for a complete installation. Also included are instructions for the installation. Some drilling may be needed to complete the installation.

Shipping Notes:

Most Sway Bars, when properly packed for UPS shipping, are classified as OVERSIZED packages and appropriate shipping charges will apply - this is usually at 30 lb. rate if the package weighs at or under 30 lbs. As a precaution, please call for approximate shipping charges to your destination.

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