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Revised September 9th, 2011

Bus and Pickup through 1967

Window Seals

Front Door & Window Weatherstrip 

Body Weatherstrip

Window Seals

A1.  211-845-121A  Windshield Seal, Left or Right  $13.50 each

A2.  211-898-541B  Safari Window Body Seals, Left and Right  $54.00 pair

NOTE:  Safari window body seals are not made with molded corners.

A3.  211-845-123B  OE Safari Glass to Frame Seals  $19.20 pair

A3.  211-845-123BB  Bus Boys Safari Glass to Frame Seals (For Bus Boys Made Safari Kits)  $19.00 pair

A4.  221-845-321  Side Window Seal, Stationary  $12.00 each

A5.  221-847-135A  Popout Body Seal  $6.00 each

A6.  221-847-131A  Popout Frame Seal  $6.15 each

A7.  221-845-325B  Popout Glass to Frame Seal  $5.50 each

-  221-08470K  Popout Window Seal Kit (comes with A5, A6 and A7)  $16.75 each

-  N 10905.1  Screw, Popout Frame & Hinge   $0.30 each

B.  211-845-521A  Rear Window Seal, Small, Kombi 1950 to 1963 & Pickup 1950 to 1965  $17.00

B.  241-845-521A  Rear Window Seal, All Deluxe Models 1950 to 1963  $18.00

B.  211-845-521D  Rear Window Seal, All Buses 1964 to 1967  $24.00

B.  261-845-521  Rear Window Seal, Pickup 1966 to 1967  $21.20

C.  241-845-421  Corner Window Seals, All Deluxe Models 1950 to 1963  $19.95 pair

D.  241-845-621  Skylight Window Seals 1950 to 1967  $15.00

Front Door & Window Weatherstrip  

E.  211-898-721K  Door to Body Seal Kit, Left and Right  $45.00 pair

F.  211-837-835A  Seal Atop Door Window Frame  $9.00 pair

G.  211-898-380  Felt Channel Set, Left and Right (6 Pieces)  $46.00

H.  211-837-395A  Door Window Frame Base Seal  $12.50 pair

I.  211-837-625  Vent Window Seal, Left  $22.70

I.  211-837-626  Vent Window Seal, Right  $22.70

J.  211-837-629  Vent Window Post Seal, Left and Right  $3.80 pair

K.  211-845-231  Sliding Window Scraper, Left and Right,  $4.00 pair

221-845-295A  Vent Window Glass to Frame Seal (Not Included In Complete Door Seal Kit)  $8.15 each

-  211-00656  Complete Door Kit, Both Sides  $150.00   

NOTE:  Complete Door Seal Kit does not include the vent window glass to frame seals (221-845-295A) and the Door Handle Seals (see below)

A.  111-898-211  Front Door Handle Seals, 1950 to 1963  $2.00 pair

B.  211-898-211  Front Door Handle Seals, 1964 to 1967  $6.50 set



Body Weatherstrip

C.  111-941-119  Headlight Glass Seal, Left or Right  $2.75

NOTE:  The headlight glass seal stretches to fit around the glass.  The ones we have are NOT too small or too wide.

D.  111-941-191  Headlight Body Seal, Left or Right  $2.75 each

E.  111-953-165  Front Turn Signal Seals, Bullet Style, 1965 to 1962  $8.85 pair

F.  211-953-165A  Front Turn Signal Seal, Flat Style,  1963 to 1967  $7.25 each

G.  211-943-131C  License Light Gasket, 1956 to 1967  $9.25

H.  211-945-245  Round Taillight Seal, 1958 to 1961  $15.25 each

I.  211-945-245A  Oval Taillight seal. 1962 to 1967  $12.00 each

J.  211-945-321  Backup Light Body Seal, 1967  12.95

K.  211-945-323  Backup Light Lens Seal, 1967  $3.30 each 

NOTE:  The backup light lens seals appear round in the package.  They are designed to stretch and conform to the shape of the rectangular glass lens.

Side Cargo Door Weatherstrip. EPDM U.S. made seal sets available. Kits no longer come with cut-outs for hinge area. Must be cut out by installer. One kit is for both doors (except Crew Cab).

211-898-841Z  U.S. Side Cargo Door Seal Set  $52.00

265-898-841 Crew Cab Cargo Door Seal Set, 1959 to 1967  $31.10


211-898-193  Rear Hatch Seal, March 1955 to 1963  $17.65

211-829-193C  Rear Hatch Seal, 1964 to 1967  $127.15


Engine Door Seal.  Made of high quality EPDM rubber to prevent cracking.

261-827-711 Bus March 1955 to 1967, Pickup 1950 to 1967  $17.00

NOTE: NLA means No Longer Available.


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