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New Product Announcements

New Items Now In Stock!

Deluxe Corner Window Glass

Now in stock!  We now have new reproductions of the hard to find corner window glass for 1950 to 1963 Deluxe Buses.

Popout Window Latches

Just in!  We now stock reproduction popout window latches for Buses through 1967.

Side Reflectors for 1968 to 1969 Bus

We now stock reproduction side reflectors for 1968 to 1969 Buses and Pickups.  Includes base gasket.


popout-frame.gif (49931 bytes)


Steel Popout Window Frames

Now you can solve the problem of rusty popout window frames.  We now offer replacement steel frames for 1967 and older Buses.  Frame only. Does not include glass, hinge, latch or seals.

Rear Hatch Hinge Covers

We now have reproduction rear hatch hinge covers for 1964 to 1967 Buses and 1968 to 1979 Buses.  Sold in pairs.  White only.

Now available for the first time in a long time are the front bumper beading for all 1968 to 1972 Buses.  White in color.

Engine lid prop for 1955 to 1963 Bus.  Replace that worn, broken or missing one today!

Interior rear view mirror.  New reproduction for Buses to 1964. 

Fusebox retainer clip for 1955 to 1967 Bus.  Everyone breaks or looses this clip eventually.  Now we have the replacement.

Now you can replace those hard to find glass tail light lenses with new ones.  Fits 1958 to 1961 Bus. Made of glass.  No VW logo.





bentley-50-62.jpg (18226 bytes)

Now available for the first time as a single volume is the Volkswagen Transporter Workshop Manual: 1950-1962 for models sold in the USA and Canada. This manual is a reproduction of the original Volkswagen official service and repair information. This historical archive edition covers procedures for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and rebuilding.

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Banjo Style Mirror Stems for Round Mirrors, Left and Right.

Give your 1967 or older Bus the vintage look with these new mirror stems.  Made in U.S.A.  Grey primer is ready to paint.  Mirrors not included.  Sold in pairs.

Filler Neck Elbow, Upper, 1974 All, 1975 to 1978 FED MODEL

Just in from Europe. These have not been available new for several years. We now have a large supply of these hard to find elbows . These are the style without the restrictor. Don't settle for cheap imitations. Get the elbow that fits from Bus Boys! 

Headliner Beading for Buses Through 1967.

A Bus Boys Exclusive!  Now you you can give your Bus that finishing touch with our new white headliner beading. This 19 foot piece is enough for both sides and the rear.



Front Snubbers for 1964 to 1967 Bus.  

Now available for the first time in many years. Replace those worn or missing snubbers on your Bus with our high quality reproductions.

8 millimeter Front Upper Shock Absorber Mounting Bolt.  

This very hard to find 8 Millimeter Bolt is available for the first time in many years exclusively through Bus Boys. This is the correct mounting bolt for 1963 and older Buses and Bugs.


Side Vent Window Seals. Left or Right. 

Now you can finally replace those old cracked side vent window seals for your 1968 to 1979 Bus. These are an excellent reproduction from Europe and fit the middle or rear side windows on the left or right side. These fit Buses only. WILL NOT FIT PICKUPS!   

Boots for 1968 to 1979 Bus Ball Joints.

Now you no longer have to buy new ball joints just to get the boots. We now have these hard to find replacement boots in stock.


Shift Rod Boots for Buses through 1979.

These have not been available for several years. We now have quality reproductions from Europe in stock.

 Complete Shift Rod Bushing Kits for 1955 to 1979 Buses.

Now you can restore the precision shifting of your Bus with our new shift rod bushing kit. Comes with all of the bushings needed. 


A) Plug for 1964 to 1967 Bus  & Pickup Reduction Box. Made of high quality STEEL! 

B) Peening Locknut for the Lower Axle Stub Inner Bearing. Fits 64-67 Bus & Pickup.

Both of these are high quality items and are made exclusively for Bus Boys, Inc.  


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