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Bus & Vanagon

Air Scoops



3 Gauge Trim Panel

Parcel Trays


Safari Window Wiper Pivots

Safari Window Latches - OE Style Reproduction

Shifter Extensions

Side Step (Reproduction)

Spare Tire Mount

Tachometer Mounting Ring

Towing Hitches - Bus & Vanagon


1950 to 1967

1968 to 1979

Air Scoops -

Now obtain maximum amount of intake airflow to keep that high performance engine cool with these air scoops. Scoops for the 50-67 models are made of quality high-impact white plastic which mount over the air intake louvers. Scoops for the 68-79 models are made of high quality laminated fiberglass, painted white, which mount over the existing air intake openings. Comes with mounting screws, washers and can be painted to match.

210-80901  Air Scoops Bus 1950 to 1967  $30.25 per pair

220-80903  Air Scoops Bus 68-79  NLA


Front Nose Masks help protect your paint job from all of the rocks and grit that bounce from the roadway. Made of high quality black vinyl for maximum road hazard protection, they also feature a soft nap-cloth underneath to prevent scratching of the paint while installed. All masks come with the appropriate cutouts for the headlights, turn signals, vents, etc., providing a sharp clean fit. We offer two brands of masks - our own in-house brand manufactured for Bus Boys for the 56-67 Bus/Pickup and the Wolf Masks for Bus/Pickup 68-79 and Vanagons 80-91. Wolf Masks are what we call a "Deluxe" style that is made in the highest quality materials and workmanship and some were originally offered at the dealership. Both are excellent values in protecting the front of your Bus or Vanagon.  Masks are not cut for the spare tire mount, as a variety of different mounts were used. In addition, masks are not cut for the antenna hole as different spots in the front were used to mount the antenna without any consistency by the VW Dealerships (or customers) in most model years.

210-85501E  Mask, Black Bus/Pickup 63-67  $254.99

220-85501E  Bra/Mask Bus/Pickup 68-72  $254.99

220-85502E  Bra/Mask Bus 73-79  $254.99

250-85501E  Bra/Mask Vanagon AirCooled 80-83 NLA

250-85502E  Bra/Mask Vanagon WaterCooled (With Metal Bumper) 81-91  NLA

250-85504E  Bra/Mask Vanagon WaterCooled (With Plastic "GL" Bumper) 88-91  NLA

Special Notes on Bra/Mask installations: Masks are designed to keep your front end from being pitted with road debris. However, please keep in mind that:

1. Driving with your mask installed in damp, snowy or rainy weather is hazardous to your paint finish. If the mask is left on after a drive in this type of weather, it should be immediately removed and hung to dry out, otherwise mildew on the "knap" will form and in our experiences, we have seen it "cloud" even the best of paint finishes.

2. There are protective screens over the front grilles on 68-91 applications and this does not impair the air-flow either to your ventilation or radiator on Water Cooled models. If driven in snowy conditions with the mask installed, snow/slush will build up and block these (especially the lower) grilles. This is important to note on Water Cooled Vanagons, Gas or Diesel. (A side note - we had a customer return a mask because he didn't like the fact that snow/slush built up on the protective screens. It was apparent in the conversation he had just recently moved from a Sun-Belt state and didn't know that even without a mask, snow/slush will build up on the grilles and should be cleared periodically when driving in these types of conditions anyway.)

3. Masks are best installed in WARM conditions. Installing a cold mask, especially for the first time can be a laborious task, even for the physically fit. We've had customers return masks, claiming it won't go on and we've installed the returned mask on one of our own Buses or Vanagons, taken Polaroid photos of the installation and mailed it back to the customer with either the exchanged mask or refund. These masks must be stretched into their appropriate mounting positions with a little patience and care. Don't get crazy and heat the mask up in an oven! Room temperature or even better - setting it out in the sun for a little bit is usually fine for the mask to be little more malleable for installation.

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Now you can enjoy the convenience of a fully featured center console for your March 1955 to 1979 Bus. Designed to be placed in the walk-through area on bucket seat Buses. Features a fully lined storage compartment with change holder, 4 drink holders, map holder and a padded armrest. Available in black vinyl or other colors by request. Dimensions: 26 inches long, 8.25 inches wide, 20 inches high.

220-86000/BK  Center Console, March 1955 to 1979 Bus, Black   $244.99

NOTE:  We no longer have consoles for Vanagons.

3 Gauge Trim Panel

One of the most difficult choices to be made when installing aftermarket gauges in the 68-79 Type 2 was where to mount them. Between the bottom of the radio hole and the ashtray is an obvious choice, but just mounting the gauges there looks tacky, at best. We developed a trim panel that looks perfect for this type of installation. What holds it onto the Dash are the gauge rims themselves and it can be used as a template for your gauge hole saw. Powder coated in Satin Black, this trim panel is used for 2 1/16 inch gauges and is a perfect finishing touch for your dashboard. We also make a real nice Tachometer Mounting Ring for 68-79 Type 2's - see further down this page.

220-09102  3 Gauge Trim Panel, Black Bus/Pickup 68-79  $21.65

Parcel Trays

A reproduction of the VW Factory Option, these fit 68-79 Type 2's. The nylon netting we use is much better than the original as the holes are much smaller, preventing small stuff from dropping through. Available in pairs (Left/Right) or just a Left or Right. Comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions. Some drilling is required for the installation of these trays. In addition, fusebox relocation/modifications may have to be made on 71-79 models as shown in the instructions

220-08600  Parcel Tray Set, Left & Right Bus/Pickup 68-79  $192.15 set

220-08601  Parcel Tray, Left Side Only Bus/Pickup  $102.15

220-08602  Parcel Tray, Right Side Only Bus/Pickup  $102.15

Safari Window Wiper Pivots

A reproduction of the original cast piece (VW P/N 211-955-239) used on the existing wiper shaft on 65-67 Type 2's, but will also fit any year wiper shaft on models using Safari Windows. Comes as a pair complete with the allen wrench to install on your existing wiper shafts. "One-Eyed Duck" Wiper Rests are also available.

210-95501  Safari Wiper Pivot Kit Bus/Pickup 3/55-67  $69.95

211-955-231A  "One-Eyed Duck" Rubber Wiper Rest Bus/Pickup 3/55-67  $7.99

Safari Window Latches - OE Style Reproduction

Original NOS or used latches are difficult and expensive to find, but they share a common problem in that the post the latch handle rotates on is made of inferior pot metal. If the latch is locked down too tight onto the Dash Tab, the post experiences fatigue and eventually breaks apart. After spending a few hard bucks on this pricey item, it's a real bummer when this happens. We have solved this problem by manufacturing the base and the post in solid steel so that they'll withstand the hundreds of times you'll lock and unlock your Safaris. Couple that with a high quality chrome finish and you will have a latch that exceeds the specs of the original in every way. Currently available for Original Factory Safari Windows, but we're working on doing these as well for our In-House made Safaris soon. Also Available: new replacement Safari Window Latch Bases. Just put your old good levers onto these. 

211-847-515  Complete Repro OE Style Safari Latch, Left Outer, Right Inner  $28.95 each

211-847-516  Complete Repro OE Style Safari Latch, Left Inner, Right Outer  $28.95 each

211-847-513  Repro OE Style Safari Latch Base, Left Outer, Right Inner  $22.68 each

211-847-514  Repro OE Style Safari Latch Base, Left Inner, Right Outer  $22.68 each

Side Step (Reproduction)

Probably the most popular accessory we've ever done! This beautiful accessory will last as long as your Bus or Vanagon because the wide-ribbed anodized aluminum extrusion allows for a lightweight, yet very strong unit that's corrosion-resistant and easy to keep clean. Simple to install, the Side Step mounts in the existing Jack-Holes (drilling is required for locking allen bolts, allen wrench is included) and includes stainless steel hardware for long life, rust resistance and quick removal. A must for anyone using their side door for loading passengers, groceries, camping gear or just about anything! Mounts on both sides to allow safe and easy access to the roof rack.  NOTE:  In some cases, the propane tank on Westfalia models may need to be moved slightly under the vehicle to clear the step.

210-08001  Side Step, Bus 50-79  $195.95

250-08001  Side Step, Vanagon 80-91  $195.95

Spare Tire Mount

One of our most popular accessories, this spare tire mount fits on the front nose of your 50-79 Bus. Made of heavy duty plate steel, this mount comes with all of the hardware and instructions for a trouble-free installation. Can be purchased with or without heavy duty vinyl cover.

For Models w/14" Rims (Tires up to 185):

210-85802/BK  Spare Tire Mount w/Black Cover  $34.95

210-85802/WH  Spare Tire Mount w/White Cover  $34.95

210-85801  Spare Tire Mount Only  $19.00

Spare Tire Covers Only 

210-85803/BK  Spare Tire Cover, Black for w/14" Rims (Tires up to 185)  $17.70

210-85803/WH  Spare Tire Cover, White for w/14" Rims (Tires up to 185)  $17.70

Tachometer Mounting Ring

Now you can mount a 3 1/8 inch Tachometer or Clock in the blank spot to the right of your speedometer on your 68-79 Type 2 with no fuss, no muss. Just remove the two screws holding the blank plate and re-use them to install this ring to hold your gauge in place. Looks like something VW would have made, but we did it instead.

220-09101  Tachometer Mounting Ring Bus/Pickup 68-79  $11.95

Towing Hitches - Bus & Vanagon

hitch-diagram.gif (12230 bytes)

Vanagon Hitch Pictured

We are pleased to introduce a quality line of Towing Hitches for Buses & Vanagon.   Manufactured in the U.S.A. , these hitches are a high-quality manufactured unit, custom-made for the Bus or Vanagon.   All hitches listed below are rated Class I - 1500lbs Gross Weight, 150lbs Tongue Weight. Drilling is required on 1973 to 1979 model.   Tow Balls are not included with hitches and must be purchased separately at your local auto parts store or RV/Trailer parts supply house. Warranty of all hitches is one (1) year from the purchase date of the Bus Boys Invoice.

ZAP-70806  Bus 1973 to 1979  Drilling Required  $240.00

ZAP-70805  Vanagon All 2WD Models 1980 to 1991  $240.00

ZAP-70808  Vanagon Syncro Models 1986 to 1991  $240.00


NOTE: NLA means No Longer Available.

Now Available!  A complete line of Shifter Extensions.  

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