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Revised September 22nd, 2012

Fuel Injection

Vanagon Wasserboxer Digifant 1986-1991

Most of the electronic Fuel Injection components on your Vanagon are manufactured by Bosch. However, many of the other necessary components such as hoses, seals, air cleaner parts, etc., are manufactured by the respective OE manufacturers to Volkswagen, such as Continental, LMB, Goetz, Elring, etc. We have endeavored to supply as much OE components as is possible to obtain from sources both here in the United States and in Europe. Quality is our first priority when stocking and selling parts for fuel injection because it can be a major investment, even when replacing a relay. Below is our comprehensive list of replacement parts for the Digifant Fuel Injection System on your 86-91 Vanagon or Westfalia. Please note that where there are split years in certain components, we have provided your VIN Number, or in the case of a Bosch component within split years, the Bosch number in Parentheses ( ).

Rebuilt Item Cores are subject to inspection according to our Core Policy. Please read our core policy by clicking here: Bus Boys Core Policy

Air Filter Element 

Air Intake Elbow Boot

Air Flow Meter

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Fuel Filter

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injector Seal Kit

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Relay

Gasket Block - Air Intake Runners to Cylinder Head

Hose/Boot - Center Air Plenum to Air Intake Runners

Hose - Fuel High Pressure

Idle Stabilizer Control Unit & Valve

Oxygen Sensor

Pressure Regulator - Fuel

Thermo-Time Switch

FI Harness Repair Parts


Air Filter Element - Mann or Mahle

Air Filters are very critical in determining how well your fuel injection runs. Too clogged up and the Air Flow Meter (Air Box) as well as the engine doesn't get enough air. In my opinion, filter elements should be changed every 10,000 miles, more so if you frequently drive in dusty conditions. Up until recently, we have been selling the German Mann units. Lately, our importer/supplier has been shipping Austrian Mahle, which is a division of German Knecht, an original supplier to Volkswagen. In addition, we have recently added K&N Filter Elements to our product line.

025-129-620A  Standard Duty 1986-1991  $14.15

025-129-620B  Heavy Duty 1986-1991  $58.00

ZAP-13773  K&N Air Filter Element 1986-1991  $56.00

Air Intake Elbow Boot

Runs between the Air Flow Meter (Air Box) and the Throttle Body. Old ones are usually cracked, allowing vacuum leaks that can be difficult to track down if you don't know this.

025-129-627L  1986-1991 2WD  $55.00

025-129-627H  1986-1991 Syncro  $124.28

Air Flow Meter - New Genuine Bosch (Also called the "Air Mass" or "Air Box")

AFM's, or Air Boxes as some people call them, if left alone usually last a long time. There's a flap inside that swings around letting air in as the throttle body wants it and the flap attached to a potentiometer that sends the appropriate signals to the ECU in regards to air flow amount. The potentiometer wipes across a circuit board and that can wear as well over time with constant use. Another common malady is if you have backfiring coming through the intake for various reasons, it can bend, crack or blow apart the flapper. Engine heat can also dry the teeny bearings the flapper shaft rides on, causing it to jam or bind up, restricting the air flow. It is highly recommended that when installing a new (or rebuilt) Air Box, that you have a mechanic with a CO "sniffer" fine-tune the Air Bypass screw (or allen on some) that's off to the side for optimum running. Don't fool with this yourself or you might have a heap o' problems.

025-906-301C (0280202079) Air Flow Meter, New, 1986-1991 No Longer Available

Air Flow Meter - Rebuilt - Exchange

Our Rebuilt Air Flow Meters are completely gone through and our experience on our own Buses & Vanagons with these have been exemplary. Warranty is 6 months.

025-906-301CX (0280202079) Air Flow Meter, 1986-1991 $240.00 PLUS $73.00 Core

Note: Be sure to note the Bosch Number on your original Air Flow Meter. If the number on yours does not match the list above, please call us to properly interchange it for you.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - Rebuilt - Exchange

It is becoming a well-known fact that the Digifant ECU on the Vanagon was not a particularly reliable unit and Volkswagen themselves issued a few recall campaigns due to these problems. Bosch briefly had two different rebuilts available (the CU117X and the CU152X,) but pulled them from their product line about 2 years ago. Our independent rebuilder is very much aware of the problems associated with these ECU's and have been corrected with the product now supplied. Cores are very hard to find, especially for the latest production ECU, so rebuilt availability has been spotty from our independent rebuilder. As a side note, VW has superseded all Vanagon Digifant ECU's to one part number, but we have listed and carry the rebuilder's applications as shown. Warranty is 12 months or 12,000 miles.

025-906-022X 1986-1987 2WD  $500.00 PLUS $75.00 Core

025-906-022DX 1988-1991 2WD, 1986-1991 Syncro  $399.00 PLUS $75.00 Core

Fuel Filter - Genuine Bosch

The heart of your fuel injection system is the fuel filter. Once they become dirty and plugged, engine performance suffers and too little fuel getting to the fuel pump can cause the pump to seize. Never run a filter designed for carburetion on your fuel injection!

251-201-511A  Fuel Filter, Metal Canister Style, 1986-1991  $12.50

Fuel Injectors - New - Genuine Bosch

Fuel Injectors can become clogged over a period of time or after a large amount of miles. Many people do not realize how sensitive these beasts can be. If loaded with junk, the can run either rich or lean, depending on where the junk is.  The art of keeping these clean is to regularly change your fuel filter and run a fuel injector cleaner at least once a month in a tank of gas.

025-906-031 1986-1991 $180.00 each

Fuel Injectors - Rebuilt - Exchange

Now available as a quality remanufactured unit, these can make changing out your injectors a little more affordable and a little less painful. Warranty is 6 months.

025-906-031X 1986-1991, Seals Included  $55.30 each PLUS $15.00 Core each

Fuel Injector Seal Kit

Contains 4 large and 4 small injector seals.

311-198-261A  1986-1991  $7.35 kit

Fuel Pump - Electric - New

New electric fuel pumps are available now from two sources - Bosch and A.P. Pierburg, both German manufactured. Quality is of course excellent. Warning! Never run an electric fuel pump dry as it will cause it to overheat and seize up. The fuel acts as a coolant for the fuel pump, so this is very important to keep in mind. In otherwords, don't run out of gas!

251-906-091  Bosch, 1986-1991  $270.00

251-906-091 GR  Pierburg, 1986-1991  No Longer Available

Fuel Pump - Electric - Rebuilt - Exchange

Now available as an affordable rebuilt. Warranty is 6 months.

251-906-091X  1986-1991  $156.00 PLUS $50.00 Core

Fuel Pump Relay

Burnt contacts in these can sometimes cause failure of the fuel pump or just the relay itself. These are relatively inexpensive compared to the earlier L-Jetronic "Combi Relay". Located on the left side of the engine compartment in a small black box with a cover on it. In addition, this particular relay is also used in various other locations in your Vanagon, so it's fairly common.

141-951-253B  1986-1991  $12.45

Note: The other relay in that box is called a "Contact Close Relay", probably for load reduction or current re-direction, but that's purely speculative on our part as we have never been asked for it before. If it needs replacement as well, order 321-919-505A - Price is $26.40

Gasket Block - Air Intake Runners to Cylinder Head

025-129-717C  $6.40 each

Hose/Boot - Center Air Plenum to Air Intake Runners

These are those large diameter hoses that connect the center plenum to the individual intake runners going to each cylinder. Original German is what we carry and 4 are required per Vanagon. A notorious spot for vacuum leaks.

N 903052.0102 1986-1991 $6.10 each

Hose - Fuel High Pressure

Genuine Continental 7mm High Pressure Fuel Hose with smooth covering, no outside braided cloth. Our opinion is that this a much better hose than the original braided hoses you find on the some of the FI Vanagons. Sold by the foot, not the meter like some other places. 12 to 15 feet usually does the engine compartment, supply lines and return lines, depending on the year.

N 20281.12  1986-1991  $4.90 per foot
(Note: We do carry the cloth braided variety for the fanatics - order N 20357.12 $2.95 per foot.)

Idle Stabilizer Control Unit & Valve

251-907-393D  Idle Stabilizer Control Unit 1986-1991  No Longer Available

025-906-457A  Control Valve for Idle Stabilizer 1986-1991  $250.00

Oxygen Sensor - Genuine Bosch or USA Made

All Vanagon Digifant Models used a 3 Wire Oxygen Sensor. The two extra wires are used to pre-heat the sensor to allow the ECU to lean the fuel mixture faster. Oxygen Sensors tell the ECU when to lean or richen your fuel mixture at the injectors by sending a small voltage signal in relationship to the presence of oxygen in the exhaust. Too much oxygen, it richens the mixture. Too little oxygen, it leans it out. A heavily sooted and carbonized probe won't allow the sensor to send a proper voltage to the ECU, usually making the engine run too rich, resulting in poor mileage and fouled spark plugs. I recommend replacing them at least every 50,000 miles. What we carry is the Universal USA-Made Sensor. This sensor looks just like your original except it doesn't have your standard long wires and connector. It has little pigtail wires with a crimp connectors supplied. Simply cut the existing wires off your old sensor, strip about a quarter inch off the insulation and then crimp that end onto the crimp connector, then crimp your corresponding wires from your new sensor. There - you just saved about 90 bucks for the real thing, which is also available from Bus Boys as well.

025-906-265B  Oxygen Sensor w/Factory Connector and Leads, Bosch  $189.20

025-906-265B US  Aftermarket  Oxygen Sensor, 3 Wire Without Connector  $66.00

Pressure Regulator - Fuel - Genuine Bosch

025-133-035  1986-1991  $160.00

Thermo-Time Switch

This operates your Cold Start Circuit to the ECU. Located in your Thermostat Housing, next to your Temp Gauge Sender, this is a temperature controlled probe that samples the temperature of your coolant. When your coolant is cold, ECU receives a signal from the Thermo-Time Switch, then the ECU tells the Injectors to richen the mixture a bit. After the coolant reaches a certain temperature OR after a pre-set time in the ECU is reached, the ECU switches to the Oxygen Sensor Circuit to regulate how much fuel is dispensed at the Injectors. While the engine is running however, the Thermo-Time Switch is still measuring the coolant temperature and also keeps the switch off if above a certain temperature. Over-Rich running may and can be caused by a defective Thermo-Time Switch not shutting off OR if your Thermostat is stuck open, allowing the the engine to run too cold, thus not allowing the Thermo-Time Switch to shut off. Please note - Your Oxygen Sensor may be also causing the over-rich running, so check that as well.

025-906-041A  1986-1991  $15.10

N 903168.02  O-Ring For Switch  $0.80

NEW! FI Harness Repair Parts

We have recently introduced the following items to aid in the repair of your Digifant FI Harness, particularly dealing with connnectors and terminals. The connector housings on the Digifant are slight different than was was used on the L-Jetronic (74-83) and Digijet (83-85) We get dozens of calls every week looking for the complete connectors to repair existing harnesses. Unfortunately, many of these connectors only came with a new harness, with a few exceptions. In many cases, all that's needed to repair the harness are the "flat" spring-loaded connector terminals, which have been very difficult to find. These are brand-new, not used or reconditioned connectors. The following are the connector housings and special terminals we now have available, including the tool to work with them.

2 Pin Digifant Connector Housing

FI Contact Terminal With "Pigtail" Wire

3 Pin Digifant Connector Housing

FI Harness Pin Tool

2 Pin Digifant Connector Housing

Fits Injectors, Thermotime Switch, Heater Harness for the Oxygen Sensor and the Throttle Valve Switch. Comes as the Housing only (Re-use your harness and terminals).

037-906-240  Digifant 2 Pin Connector Housing  $3.10

FI Contact Terminal With "Pigtail" Wire

Fits the above Connector Housing, as well as a number of FI Multi-Pin Connectors and the connector to the Electronic Ignition Module.

357-971-741AW  Contact Terminal w/Pigtail Wire  $1.65 each

3 Pin Digifant Connector Housing

Fits Idle Stabilizer Connection Comes as the Housing only (Re-use your harness and terminals) or pre-wired with contact terminals and short "pigtail" wires for reconnection to your harness.

171-906-230  Connector Housing only  $13.00

171-906-230K  Connector Housing w/terminals and pigtail wires  $13.95

FI Harness Pin Tool

A handy tool to have when replacing the contact terminals above in almost any of the FI Harness Connectors

ZVT-90601  FI Harness Pin Tool  $2.95

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